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Office screens provide a plethora of benefits within your place of work. They look good, give more privacy, prevent the noise from telephone conversations travelling and can partition different areas of the room. But with so many office screens available, how do you begin to make a choice? We’ve spent years advising customers on how to pick the right one and can help you too. Our staff are available to talk through your options based on budget, style and function.

Let’s break the functions down into a variety of options. For privacy, go for a solid screen that can be used to block off specific areas, making staff more productive. Office screens can also be used for display, whether showing off the company’s marketing literature or providing staff with a pinboard-type background on which to display personal photos or useful material. Noise is also an issue in most offices, particularly in a call centre-type environment. Ask about screens to block out sound and reduce distractions. This is particularly important if staff are having trouble concentrating on their work. Installing the right type of office screens is a good investment that can help boost morale and output.

Finally, we come to health and social distancing. Since the onset of Covid, staff working close to each other have felt concerned about the spread of infection. When face masks are not a practical option, placing a screen between workstations is a good way of isolating staff. No matter your sector, office screens can help make working life more comfortable and enjoyable, as well as add to the positive aesthetics of the space.

We can deliver and install your new Office Screen requirements throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire. To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact one of our consultants on 0800 612 4174 or email details of your requirements to